Lviv,or the best city,or the most romantic city.

I was in Lviv this autumn, and OMG, I absolutely love it.
Okay, let’s start with the first. I was with my school friends and our teacher and we went to Lviv only for the weekends, but it’s okay. For so little time, I understand what one journey can do with the person.

We stayed in little but very nice hotel. We came at 6 am and I was so sleepy, and we were come over the city all day and my legs was so hurt in the evening.

The lviv is so beautiful city.I don’t know,but I exceed my expectations.

On the second day,we woke up in 6 am, had a breakfest and went to the castles.Our quied was a really nice man. In the bus I fall asleep on my friend’s knees and once… I dropped. It wasn’t nice, but we laughted, so…

The castles were so big and beautiful.I really fall in love with them.(You can see them on the photos).Believe me or nor, but we actually had a lunch in one of the castles.
In the evening, we just had a walk in the centre of city before we  go to the railway station.There was a man who was playing on the saxophone.Me and the girls just run to the man and gave him some money and he thanked us and said:
“I’ll play you a song about the beautiful flowers because you look just like small and very beautiful flowers.”

That song was so beautiful and I writting this right now almost crying because he the nicest person that I have ever met.
Then we heard the live music and a group of people around the band who was perfoming ukrainian songs.They were so good.Honestly,I was dancing untill I couldn’t hear the music

That weekend was fantastic. If I could, I’d play  it on replay. The journey with your friends to your favourite city, Isn’t it perfect?
The Lvov is beautiful, romantic, with awesome energy city. The nicest people,the most beautiful buildings, good harmony, the best chocolate and coffee – are what you find if you come to Lviv. I hope, I will come back there again and again.

Thank you,if you read this.Hope, you are inspire and happy person.      A.


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