My life.


You know, I really lost my inspiration to write something. But… I try.
So, I’ll just write you about my news, favorite things and places.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days in Kiev is already started. If you follow the fashion news, you now that Alina Baikova is the face of Kiev Fashion Days. Alina is my the most favorite Ukrainian model. She is so beautiful, independent and purposeful. I like her so much. She’s one of my way to inspire myself.

Okay, about the books. This week I read one wonderful book which called “Bonjour, happiness!” by Jamie Cat Callan. You know, if you lost your reason to smile and live, you need this book. It’s was such a full of inspiration. This book will open you French secrets of happiness, love, fashion and harmony from French women. It’s such an amazing book that I want erase my memories and read this again.

I don’t know about you, guys, but I’ve already sick of winter. I mean, come on I WANT SPRING RIGHT NOW. I don’t know why I’m so crazy about spring but I just love, to go out in overcoat and sneakers, take a coffee in café and just walk around the city. I just so love it. I can’t wait anymore for spring. Are you waiting for spring as much as I? Let me now↓.

And this month film “The 5 wave” was released. Yes, I watch it. Yes, I’m in love with Nicholas John Robinson and Alex Roe. Yes, I’m going to marry one of them. Chloë Grace Moretz is so BEAUTIFUL and talented that OMG I just… in love. The film was very good and I really don’t understand why so many people don’t like it. I mean…What? It’s good. Watch it and tell me about your impression. Do you like it or not?

Music. Okay, if the music wasn’t exist I will better die than live without music. You know, it’s my way of inspiration and purposefulness. The music is my way to show what I feel, and I am not make music(for now).

You can find my fav songs on my soundcloud.

Okey, that’s all. And I have to go back to my pile of homework. I’m so TIRED.
Advice me your fav books, or films, or songs, or smth else.
Be happy and enjoy your life.



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