Money, friends, work and lazy people.

I don’t know why I writing it but I want to speak out. I know my friend will ask me a thousand of questions but know that I’m not going to answer it.

So, money. It just a fuking things that make my life hard. I mean, my family isn’t rich and it’s quite hard when you hang on with people in quite rich families. Don’t thing that we compare who and how much is earn. Lucky me, but I make a good friends who don’t care who my parents. My mom called it a children friendship. And, I understand why. But, someday you will think about it. Will they hang out with you and talk to you when you will grow and make money? If, you are sure about your friend you’re a happy people. I’m sure too. I’m very lucky to have this people in my life.

I told you that my parents aren’t rich. Yes, it’s a problem to buy me a new boots for winter, or a new pants, or go on a holiday in other country. When your friends do it without problems your self-conception is coming down. I mean, I have so many troubles with my mom about work, university and make money. I know that my friends won’t understand me. But, as I said I want to speak out.

Money- is just a paper. Job- is your life. It doesn’t matter how much you will earn money in the future. What matters is who will you be and do you really want it. That’s matter. If you like to be a gardener, be a gardener please! If you want to be a nurse – be a nurse, or artist, or singer, or businessman or scientist. I know a really cool thing about finding your job. Ask yourself ‘’ Will you do this, if you won’t be paid?’’

There are a lot of people in our world that sitting at home on the couch and saying “I’m not rich- I’m smart, I’m confident and I’m want to make money, then why I have not got a job?’’ I know the answer. Money comes with the success, success comes when you love what you do and do what you love. This is the law of life.

You can’t travel around the world, you can’t do what you really want, you can’t love your life when you sitting on the sofa and doing nothing. Because lazy people don’t deserve it. Lazy people don’t deserve a beautiful and expensive dresses, they don’t deserve a travelling, they don’t deserve a good job. To make you deserve it – stand up from your couch, go and try do what you want, make a dream, make the dream -goal, and live for it. Every morning, every evening, every day live for yourself, dream for yourself, achieve the goals for yourself. Because it’s your life and YOUR life is only in YOUR hands. Thank you.





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