So, there were my holidays in school. And I went to my Granny. And one day me and my Granny went to my nephews (two girls). And we had to take one of them (the younger one) from kindergarten. So when we were walking back to our home, we started talking about the school life and kindergarten life. And I said “I just want to pass my exams and go to college in another country because I can’t study anymore. There is so much pressure on me.”


And then, I thought “Do you really want it?” I mean…Yes ,there are a lot of homework and problems and you always want to sleep in school. But, are you really want to change laugh, moments with your best friends, lunches in canteen to adult life with work, accounts and really REALLY big problems?


Just think how we (teens) are stupid. I mean, we complain about the school everyday. But think how much we are losing. How much is happening in every day in school, in whole school life.

Laughs, first love, first kiss, disappointments, happiness, you meet the people, you lose the people and learning. It’s the smallest part of school life. There are more and more things that are your experience, your FIRST experience. It is so important to appreciate this moment of your life. And yes it’s just a little moment in your life.


And I understand right now that I don’t want to go from the school. I always said that I want to live in New-York and I want to go working. But I understood how important this moment of life to me.  How important just to be happy, especially in school life.


Don’t worry if you got the bad mark. Don’t worry if the teacher doesn’t like you. Don’t worry. Make the friends in school. Do your homework and enjoy it.  See only good things. And learn. Not for school. For yourself. Improve yourself. Go to the park if you can’t do your hw. Relax if you need this. Love what you are doing. And APPRECIATE THIS MOMENT.


Now, I’m going to do math(and I will enjoy it) and yes it’s 3 am.


p.s. My lover of spring number 1 is the KPI Park. If you live in Kiev, you have to go there.

And if you want to know more then go and follow me on instagram) @onmyskyblog




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