So, hello, guys. I know that there weren’t any news on my blog for a long time. BUT this summer is going to be very active and now I have a lot of to tell you. Let’s just start.


The first is that I finished this school year. YEAAAAAAH!!!!! I am happy because there won’t be any homework, any stress BUT I am kinda happy and unhappy at the same time because when you are in the school there something happens all the time like… You know what I mean? You are always with your friends, you laugh, you always doing something. And when there no school… It’s sometimes boring? I don’t know…I think on August I will be like “ GIVE ME SCHOOL PLEASE! I AM DYING! PLEASE! SCHOOL!” It’s stupid because when I will go to school I will say that give me summer back and smth like that. But I’m just going to enjoy this incredible summer.


THE SECOND THING BECAUSE OF WHICH I AM SO HAPPY THAT I AM DYING! I AM GOING TO BURGLARIA!!! I am so happy. I mean I just waiting for this journey like 2 MONTH? 2,5 MONTH? Idk but I am so excited, I can’t wait anymore. There will be a lot of  news from this journey. P.s. Do I need to write a post what I bring with me to burglaria? Let me know


And the last thing is that I learn French in my school for 2 years but all that I can say it’s “je m’appelle Alina et je ne  parle pas Français “ (My name is Alina and I don’t speak French).

And you know, it’s not enough for me. I think it’s actually a challenge for me because I am tired to go on French lessons and don’t understand anything. So I want to challenge myself and I PROMISE THAT I WILL KNOW ALL THE TIMES THAT WE HAVE LEARNED IN SCHOOL AND I WILL NOW 100 WORDS…100 NEW WORDS.  Maybe I will study online and maybe I should write a blog post about what sites I used during my studying?


That’s all and wait a little bit and there will be a lot of blog posts.






P.S. It’s my birthday on 19th june!!!OMG!!


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