New-York? Kiev? Nothing?

I think all we have the dream of our life. All people have different ones. To get married, to make a million, to be a good mother, to celebrate a wedding in Vegas or to win a Grammy. All we have this goal in our life that we live for. Like, we live it. We wake up in the morning for this, we work for this, we dream for this.


I though a lot about should I share it with you, and I decided that It is a little letter for me in future. I mean, I see me sitting in my big apartment in NYC with adorable view from the windows, drinking wine and  reading this and remembering all I have done for it. What I have gone through and what I have lost.


My goal of life is New-York City. Maybe, it’s ridiculous but it is. It’s my dream. It’s my goal. It’s my life. And It’s my choice.


I haven’t been in NY because it’s too expensive but I hope it will be soon that I will visit it. Maybe I’m a fool, but I really think that this city will make me fucking happy. I love it, I love it with all my heart.


When I was younger I always wanted to go to America, go from this city, this country. I didn’t see Kyiv from the good side. I always thought that this city is terrible and It will never make me happy. But, the time have passed, a lot have happened and I change my opinion. I can’t say that I really happy here, now. But, there is people that I love, my home, my family and my memories.

And it’s too hard to leave this here. I mean I have the best moments and people and I always say it, and it’s hard to live without this people, these emotions that this people are giving to me.


“Follow your dreams, not people”


I always remember it when the thought of leaving it all makes me sad. Maybe someone will think that I am wrong, but I don’t think so.


I know it will hard to conquer this city and make my life good in this city. But, I promise  I will do anything for it.


Hope you have the dream too.





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