New-York? Kiev? Nothing?

I think all we have the dream of our life. All people have different ones. To get married, to make a million, to be a good mother, to celebrate a wedding in Vegas or to win a Grammy. All we have this goal in our life that we live for. Like, we live it. We wake up in the morning for this, we work for this, we dream for this.


I though a lot about should I share it with you, and I decided that It is a little letter for me in future. I mean, I see me sitting in my big apartment in NYC with adorable view from the windows, drinking wine and  reading this and remembering all I have done for it. What I have gone through and what I have lost.


My goal of life is New-York City. Maybe, it’s ridiculous but it is. It’s my dream. It’s my goal. It’s my life. And It’s my choice.


I haven’t been in NY because it’s too expensive but I hope it will be soon that I will visit it. Maybe I’m a fool, but I really think that this city will make me fucking happy. I love it, I love it with all my heart.


When I was younger I always wanted to go to America, go from this city, this country. I didn’t see Kyiv from the good side. I always thought that this city is terrible and It will never make me happy. But, the time have passed, a lot have happened and I change my opinion. I can’t say that I really happy here, now. But, there is people that I love, my home, my family and my memories.

And it’s too hard to leave this here. I mean I have the best moments and people and I always say it, and it’s hard to live without this people, these emotions that this people are giving to me.


“Follow your dreams, not people”


I always remember it when the thought of leaving it all makes me sad. Maybe someone will think that I am wrong, but I don’t think so.


I know it will hard to conquer this city and make my life good in this city. But, I promise  I will do anything for it.


Hope you have the dream too.





Life is too short to spend it on love

So, it’s going to be a long story with my minds.
I have a boy in my school that I love. And he has a girlfriend (yea it’s sad).  And I was walking with my older sister and I was sad about this boy. And I said to her “Maybe If I let him go, he will come to me?” And she said “maybe”. And then I was checking her twitter and I saw this phrase: “LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO SPEND IT ON LOVE”.

And If it about boys and girls then yea. You shouldn’t be crazy about them and  your head shouldn’t be full of thoughts about them.  And then I thought a lot about it. If we won’t spend time on love, then what will we do? I mean, all our life consists of love. Of love to our parents, of love to our pets, job, hobby and other things. There is a lot of people that don’t know what is love. I definitely don’t want to live like them. Because there are no happiness, no passion in their’s life.

When I was a kid I always asked “How do people understand that they’re in love? How do they get married? How do they know that they will be able to get on with each other? “

But when I meet him I understand how people know that. I mean I thought I would have a heart attack when I saw him.

So life needs to be spend on love. We can’t live without love. We are not humans without love.

Be in love, be loved, love your life. Spend life on love.

P.S. I’m going to tell him later( I’m crazy but I love him and why I have to hide it)

Love you, Guys. And I will try to write posts more often.




As you know, I have been in Bulgaria for 2 weeks. It was incredible. New people, new emotions, new food, new places.

We lived in Aheloi, near Nesebur and Sunny Beach. Our hotel was ‘MIDIA Grand Resort’.

I loved  the town, I met new amazing people. I spent time so good that I didn’t want to go back in Kiev. I cried, I cried so much before going away. I mean, you know that feeling when you feel good, you are not worry about something and you wanna stay here forever. That what I felt.


I want to go back and I know, I will.

I was with amazing people,  with native people. Thanks to them and I love them so much.

Thanks for this journey, thanks for emotions, thanks for this life.


Lots of love x                           A





So, hello, guys. I know that there weren’t any news on my blog for a long time. BUT this summer is going to be very active and now I have a lot of to tell you. Let’s just start.


The first is that I finished this school year. YEAAAAAAH!!!!! I am happy because there won’t be any homework, any stress BUT I am kinda happy and unhappy at the same time because when you are in the school there something happens all the time like… You know what I mean? You are always with your friends, you laugh, you always doing something. And when there no school… It’s sometimes boring? I don’t know…I think on August I will be like “ GIVE ME SCHOOL PLEASE! I AM DYING! PLEASE! SCHOOL!” It’s stupid because when I will go to school I will say that give me summer back and smth like that. But I’m just going to enjoy this incredible summer.


THE SECOND THING BECAUSE OF WHICH I AM SO HAPPY THAT I AM DYING! I AM GOING TO BURGLARIA!!! I am so happy. I mean I just waiting for this journey like 2 MONTH? 2,5 MONTH? Idk but I am so excited, I can’t wait anymore. There will be a lot of  news from this journey. P.s. Do I need to write a post what I bring with me to burglaria? Let me know


And the last thing is that I learn French in my school for 2 years but all that I can say it’s “je m’appelle Alina et je ne  parle pas Français “ (My name is Alina and I don’t speak French).

And you know, it’s not enough for me. I think it’s actually a challenge for me because I am tired to go on French lessons and don’t understand anything. So I want to challenge myself and I PROMISE THAT I WILL KNOW ALL THE TIMES THAT WE HAVE LEARNED IN SCHOOL AND I WILL NOW 100 WORDS…100 NEW WORDS.  Maybe I will study online and maybe I should write a blog post about what sites I used during my studying?


That’s all and wait a little bit and there will be a lot of blog posts.






P.S. It’s my birthday on 19th june!!!OMG!!


So, there were my holidays in school. And I went to my Granny. And one day me and my Granny went to my nephews (two girls). And we had to take one of them (the younger one) from kindergarten. So when we were walking back to our home, we started talking about the school life and kindergarten life. And I said “I just want to pass my exams and go to college in another country because I can’t study anymore. There is so much pressure on me.”


And then, I thought “Do you really want it?” I mean…Yes ,there are a lot of homework and problems and you always want to sleep in school. But, are you really want to change laugh, moments with your best friends, lunches in canteen to adult life with work, accounts and really REALLY big problems?


Just think how we (teens) are stupid. I mean, we complain about the school everyday. But think how much we are losing. How much is happening in every day in school, in whole school life.

Laughs, first love, first kiss, disappointments, happiness, you meet the people, you lose the people and learning. It’s the smallest part of school life. There are more and more things that are your experience, your FIRST experience. It is so important to appreciate this moment of your life. And yes it’s just a little moment in your life.


And I understand right now that I don’t want to go from the school. I always said that I want to live in New-York and I want to go working. But I understood how important this moment of life to me.  How important just to be happy, especially in school life.


Don’t worry if you got the bad mark. Don’t worry if the teacher doesn’t like you. Don’t worry. Make the friends in school. Do your homework and enjoy it.  See only good things. And learn. Not for school. For yourself. Improve yourself. Go to the park if you can’t do your hw. Relax if you need this. Love what you are doing. And APPRECIATE THIS MOMENT.


Now, I’m going to do math(and I will enjoy it) and yes it’s 3 am.


p.s. My lover of spring number 1 is the KPI Park. If you live in Kiev, you have to go there.

And if you want to know more then go and follow me on instagram) @onmyskyblog



Walking in the Kiev


Oh, it’s actually a spring.  It’s my time. Also, summer is soon.  So I was walkin on Obolon. It’s a district in Kiev. It was the place where I grew up. And the river Dnipro is also there.

So, I was wearing my coat which I bought in shop in  Kiev, my sweater which I stole from my sister, absolutely my love of life. You can find them in every shop. My bag is from ASOS.

Wear what you want. Don’t follow the high fashion.  It’s your life. It’s your style.

Money, friends, work and lazy people.

I don’t know why I writing it but I want to speak out. I know my friend will ask me a thousand of questions but know that I’m not going to answer it.

So, money. It just a fuking things that make my life hard. I mean, my family isn’t rich and it’s quite hard when you hang on with people in quite rich families. Don’t thing that we compare who and how much is earn. Lucky me, but I make a good friends who don’t care who my parents. My mom called it a children friendship. And, I understand why. But, someday you will think about it. Will they hang out with you and talk to you when you will grow and make money? If, you are sure about your friend you’re a happy people. I’m sure too. I’m very lucky to have this people in my life.

I told you that my parents aren’t rich. Yes, it’s a problem to buy me a new boots for winter, or a new pants, or go on a holiday in other country. When your friends do it without problems your self-conception is coming down. I mean, I have so many troubles with my mom about work, university and make money. I know that my friends won’t understand me. But, as I said I want to speak out.

Money- is just a paper. Job- is your life. It doesn’t matter how much you will earn money in the future. What matters is who will you be and do you really want it. That’s matter. If you like to be a gardener, be a gardener please! If you want to be a nurse – be a nurse, or artist, or singer, or businessman or scientist. I know a really cool thing about finding your job. Ask yourself ‘’ Will you do this, if you won’t be paid?’’

There are a lot of people in our world that sitting at home on the couch and saying “I’m not rich- I’m smart, I’m confident and I’m want to make money, then why I have not got a job?’’ I know the answer. Money comes with the success, success comes when you love what you do and do what you love. This is the law of life.

You can’t travel around the world, you can’t do what you really want, you can’t love your life when you sitting on the sofa and doing nothing. Because lazy people don’t deserve it. Lazy people don’t deserve a beautiful and expensive dresses, they don’t deserve a travelling, they don’t deserve a good job. To make you deserve it – stand up from your couch, go and try do what you want, make a dream, make the dream -goal, and live for it. Every morning, every evening, every day live for yourself, dream for yourself, achieve the goals for yourself. Because it’s your life and YOUR life is only in YOUR hands. Thank you.




My life.


You know, I really lost my inspiration to write something. But… I try.
So, I’ll just write you about my news, favorite things and places.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days in Kiev is already started. If you follow the fashion news, you now that Alina Baikova is the face of Kiev Fashion Days. Alina is my the most favorite Ukrainian model. She is so beautiful, independent and purposeful. I like her so much. She’s one of my way to inspire myself.

Okay, about the books. This week I read one wonderful book which called “Bonjour, happiness!” by Jamie Cat Callan. You know, if you lost your reason to smile and live, you need this book. It’s was such a full of inspiration. This book will open you French secrets of happiness, love, fashion and harmony from French women. It’s such an amazing book that I want erase my memories and read this again.

I don’t know about you, guys, but I’ve already sick of winter. I mean, come on I WANT SPRING RIGHT NOW. I don’t know why I’m so crazy about spring but I just love, to go out in overcoat and sneakers, take a coffee in café and just walk around the city. I just so love it. I can’t wait anymore for spring. Are you waiting for spring as much as I? Let me now↓.

And this month film “The 5 wave” was released. Yes, I watch it. Yes, I’m in love with Nicholas John Robinson and Alex Roe. Yes, I’m going to marry one of them. Chloë Grace Moretz is so BEAUTIFUL and talented that OMG I just… in love. The film was very good and I really don’t understand why so many people don’t like it. I mean…What? It’s good. Watch it and tell me about your impression. Do you like it or not?

Music. Okay, if the music wasn’t exist I will better die than live without music. You know, it’s my way of inspiration and purposefulness. The music is my way to show what I feel, and I am not make music(for now).

You can find my fav songs on my soundcloud.

Okey, that’s all. And I have to go back to my pile of homework. I’m so TIRED.
Advice me your fav books, or films, or songs, or smth else.
Be happy and enjoy your life.


Lviv,or the best city,or the most romantic city.

I was in Lviv this autumn, and OMG, I absolutely love it.
Okay, let’s start with the first. I was with my school friends and our teacher and we went to Lviv only for the weekends, but it’s okay. For so little time, I understand what one journey can do with the person.

We stayed in little but very nice hotel. We came at 6 am and I was so sleepy, and we were come over the city all day and my legs was so hurt in the evening.

The lviv is so beautiful city.I don’t know,but I exceed my expectations.

On the second day,we woke up in 6 am, had a breakfest and went to the castles.Our quied was a really nice man. In the bus I fall asleep on my friend’s knees and once… I dropped. It wasn’t nice, but we laughted, so…

The castles were so big and beautiful.I really fall in love with them.(You can see them on the photos).Believe me or nor, but we actually had a lunch in one of the castles.
In the evening, we just had a walk in the centre of city before we  go to the railway station.There was a man who was playing on the saxophone.Me and the girls just run to the man and gave him some money and he thanked us and said:
“I’ll play you a song about the beautiful flowers because you look just like small and very beautiful flowers.”

That song was so beautiful and I writting this right now almost crying because he the nicest person that I have ever met.
Then we heard the live music and a group of people around the band who was perfoming ukrainian songs.They were so good.Honestly,I was dancing untill I couldn’t hear the music

That weekend was fantastic. If I could, I’d play  it on replay. The journey with your friends to your favourite city, Isn’t it perfect?
The Lvov is beautiful, romantic, with awesome energy city. The nicest people,the most beautiful buildings, good harmony, the best chocolate and coffee – are what you find if you come to Lviv. I hope, I will come back there again and again.

Thank you,if you read this.Hope, you are inspire and happy person.      A.

The first and the last. 2016

So…it’s my first post for my blog and the first blog post in 2016.Happy New Year,Guys!
I don’t know you and you don’t know me.So let’s know about each other.
So,this are a few facts about me.This is the first and the last post in this type.
1.My name is Alina Kuzmina.
2.I am from Kiev,the capital of Ukraine.
3.My native languages is russian and ukrainian.Also,i can speak english not bad.And I learn French,but it’s bad.I can’t understand anything.
4.My first money was from the acting in the movie in the crowd scene.
5.I have got 8 scars and 4 of them was from dog that bite me.
6.i really intersted in fashion, bloggers and art.
7.I am not going to go to the university at once after school.
8.Of course,I’m going to study in University.I really like art and astrology.But a little bit later.
9.I wanna have my perfect job.
10.I’d never gonna do smth that I don’t like.
So,this is all but 2016 is just started,and I have so many ideas for this blog and hope,you will give me a chance.

I have so many ideas for this blog and hope,you will give me a chance.

It’s gonna be awesome(I know it).